what is wrong?

I am sorry. I often say such kind of words. You may not like it. Well, you said so. It was just the way I express what I feel for you. I am gonna make as real as I can. But, you know, sometimes I just say it naturally because honestly, it was what I felt for real. I beg you, somewhen, when I say something like that incidetally, please, please dont comment with such a word, ever. It hurt so much and it still. I beg you.. It was kinda hard for me to sleep you know. I cant stop think about it. What is wrong with that, what is wrong with me, what is wrong with you? I am still wondering…

aku gila

Pernah liat orang gila? Tentu saja pernah. Setiap orang gila mempunyai kegilaan yang berbeda-beda. Termasuk aku. Aku tidak tau sejak kapan aku menyetel lagu yang sama berulang-ulang setiap hari, setiap waktu. Padahal ada puluhan giga lagu di dalam laptopku. Meskipun aku tidak tau ini penyakit gila nomer berapa, tapi aku tau, aku sedang mengidap penyakit gila yang parah.


Aku tidak tau apakah aku harus mencintaimu dengan sangat atau mencintaimu dengan sederhana. Yang aku tau, gumpalan perasaan ini nyata dan tak terbendung. Aku merindukanmu…

Too happy

I cant sleep, yet. I can close my eyes, relax my whole body and mind, but still my brain is working hard. It does wanna change its wave to tetha, keeps running in alpha. So I turned my laptop on, and will continue my work.

Have you ever been too happy, so you dont feel tired, sleepy, or other bad feeling? This is happening to me now. It feels like I’ve a morning dew, here in my heart.

Alhamdulillah.. I hope I will always be a grateful man for every thing that I have and never take for granted all of them.


Punya kompor, tapi beli makan di luar.
Punya mesin cuci, tapi masih ngelaundry.
Punya kasur, tapi tidur di lantai.
Punya rumah, tapi sering di kantor.
Punya kipas angin, tapi sering buka baju.
Punya makanan di kulkas, tapi jarang dibuka.
Punya orang yang disukai, tapi masih ngobrol sama tembok.

Riddle of you

Hey you, what do you mean? Saying thing like that, I am still unsure about what you meant. Well, I once heard heard that, yet I still do not know how to respond to it. Please make this more clear. I am sorry if I responded it wrongly. I did not mean to.

Too much is not good

Sometimes, seeing too much is not good. It takes all the surprises in life. Honestly, experiencing the same thing all over and over again bores us. You know what, some people still enjoy it. If you can’t smile together with them, at least just smile seeing when they are laughing.