Limuny #1

Ever since I was here, I never thought that I would fall in love with this place.

It started when I was at fourth semester. I saw an announcement at my campus, a part time job opportunity. Well, when the first time I saw it, I was skepticism. But, as time went by, I began to think about it. “I should be able to earn my own money”, that was what I thought. But still, I was not sure if I would be accepted because at that time I would face an internship and that was compulsory. As an engineering student, I should do internship.

Before that, my senior told me that I shall be able to earn my own money even tough I am still studying. “We shall be better than monkey”, he said. In Indonesia, there is a unique thing, “topeng monyet”. Monyet means monkey and topeng means mask. Topeng monyet means a show which is performed by monkey which uses a mask. This show usually is conducted at intersection. A man holds a rope which is tied up around monkey’s body. People in the intersection who are interested in the show usually give the monkey some money. That was what my senior meant.

Okay… “I shall try it”, I thought. So, I applied my application. I had no idea if what I did would change my life so much. I tried to follow all of the steps of this recruitment. I got hard skill test. There were four branch of this test. They were internet skill, multimedia, office, and helpdesk skill. I remember, Bro Chandra tested me in helpdesk skill. He was the assistant of my lecturer in Java Programming 2 before. I was not really sure if I did it well, but I could move to next test. It was interview test.

Interview test had the same day with my organization’s event, seminar. I was confused to decide which one should I did. Fortunately, my friends in my organization gave a very precious support. They asked to attend the interview, even tough the event was still going. I appreciated that so much. I ran, struggled and came to UPT. PUSKOM, 2nd floor. Do you know what UPT. PUSKOM is? UPT is Unit Pelayanan Terpadu (Integrated Service Unit), if I’m not mistaken :-). PUSKOM is Pusat Komputer (Computer Center). So, UPT. Puskom is a unit which has responsibility for taking care of my univ’s big computer. Literally, this unit takes care of everything about computers and stuffs. I was so nervous, because at that time I faced Mr. Eko who was and is Head of UPT. Puskom. He smiled at me and I felt like I crouch down below the desk. I tried to convince myself and I did not know what he said and what I said. The time went by without I realized. “Okay, I think it’s enough, thank you for your attendance”, he said. I woke up and realized, the interview was over. Alhamdulillah..

I never thought about the result of the interview test, because like what I said before. It turned out that I could go to the next step, training. In the training test, I should try to work for every shift and all employees there assessed my work. Fun, I thought. All employees right were fun and so friendly. I could feel a very strong bond among them. I enjoyed the training.

I got accepted. Something came again to my mind. I got accepted when I was doing internship. Wohoo.., and the fourth semester was not finished yet. I decided to take this chance. I took this job, yet I was still doing internship.

I believed God wants to change my way of life. I did not think this as obstacle on my way. The drawback, I thought this was a challenge for me. I learned very vast experience in this job. Oh ya… I forgot to tell you what name the company which open the recruitment was. Its name was Limuny. Limuny is a contraction of Layanan Internet Mahasiswa UNY. It is internet service for UNY’s students. Actually, people who are not UNY’s student can also enjoy the internet service, but with different fare, twice UNY’s students fare. But it is worth. I mean, the extremely high speed of this internet cafe is so fabulous. I think this is enough for part one. I will continue the next part later. Thank you for reading my blog. See yaa…

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