Ra iso turu

Tonight, I could not sleep, I did not know why. Then, while writing this notes, I tried to understand what happened to me. It was not a gloom night, nor a sad night. But, it was a silent and cold night. I was wondering about the riddles of my life. I understand some of them and some I do not.

I knew that I will leave soon. I will leave this city very soon, to a sweet distant land, my hometown. I knew that this time will come. But, I did not know when and I did not know how. Alas, it is always like this. Always. I shall always go when everything is in the very sweet circumstance. This always happened and happens again.

Yogyakarta has given me sooo many stories. It is the most livable city in Indonesia, I think. Given the sweetest, the happiest, the saddest, or unforgettable stories. So many very kind of my friends and families are here. A bunch of feeling that I can not utter by words. I do not go anywhere yet, I already miss this town. Quaint, indeed. This yearning of this town and its people is growing up. I do not want to deceive myself, but this is happening.

I tried to remember every detail of magnificent memories of this town from my last four years and half. I remembered the time when the first time I came here. I remembered the moment when I endured a very big bearing. I perceived myself passing through ring road under the rain riding my beloved red firm bicycle. I crept back to memories.

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