Best WordPress Plugins

Currently, there are many WordPress plugins that are ready to be used to build web applications quickly. For example, if you want to create a web online shop, you need to install a plugin to support all web features, such as shopping cart functions, payment systems, couriers and others.

Well !, Please bookmark this page, because this page is dedicated to listing all the best plugins and you should not hesitate, because only the really best plugins will be recorded in this list.

The best free WordPress plugins all the time

From SEO plugins to plugins that you’ve never known before, everything is here:


  • Yoast SEO – SEO optimization, because many features are free than other plugins
  • Redirection – Monitor all URLs, for example if you modify your post, it will be automatically redirected, so avoiding 404 not found
  • Polylang – Multilingual plugins such as the web
  • Litespeed cache – I have tried many cache plugins, but I think this is the best free one, it has DNS prefetch feature too. And fast!
  • Autoptimize – Minify CSS and JS at its best, lightest and rarely conflicts with the appearance of the theme
  • AMP – Users need content not styles
  • External Links – nofollow, noopener & new window – Automatically creates tag rel=nofollow for external links and exceptions



  • Jetpack – WP Security, Backup, optimization, marketing all in one
  • Akismet – Best anti spam WordPress plugin


  • Contact Form 7 – The only powerful free WP contact form
  • TablePress – The only free table builder that is simple, lightweight and many features
  • Table of Contents Plus – Automatically create a table of contents structure based on headings, like h2, h3, h4
  • WP Job Manager – For company websites that need a job opening feature, this is the best
  • WP Mail SMTP by WPForms – So that the web can send email using Gmail or its own server with the SMTP
  • Regenerate Thumbnails – If you change the theme, but the image size is not suitable, crop or regenerate it with this plugin
  • SVG support – Plugin that can upload SVG format images and can display them in the Media Library admin
  • Add mime type – Adding extensions that will be allowed to upload (for example: .webp)
  • Code snippet – To add PHP scripts function, theme modifications, insert CSS, JS, are very useful


  • Generateblock – This plugin works best with the GeneratePress theme. Compared to this heavy page builder, it is the lightest and easiest to migrate URLs (change web address). The theme styles will not be damaged after migrate URL
  • Gutenslider – Slider for Gutenberg block editor, lightweight, its available for fluid mode / background cover
  • Visual Portfolio, Posts & Image Gallery – Elegant portfolio plugin, lightweight and modern
  • Add to Any – A lightweight social media share plugin
  • PostX – Gutenberg Post Grid Blocks – To display posts on a page in Grid format in the Gutenberg editor, there is a query setting, it looks good
  • WordPress Carousel – Display carousel image, simple and light
  • Simple Lightbox – Not many settings, install directly so images in the post can be clicked and popup slides

This, the free version, of course there are many plugins that only provide the Pro version, which has even better features or functions. If you have more budget, please consider buying the Pro version of the plugin so that the web is better in terms of performance and SEO.

At least for now, if there are other good WordPress plugins I will update this page.

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