How to install cPanel & WHM

How to install cPanel and WHM on a Linux server. cPanel is a web hosting control panel software to make it easier for server system administrators, such as account management, adding domains, installing mail servers, DNS, limiting user disk quotas and others.

Here’s a guide to installing cPanel & WHM on a Linux CentOS / VPS / Dedicated server.

System requirements

Minimum system requirements for cPanel server

  • Linux CentOS 7.x
  • 1 GB RAM
  • vCPU 1

To install cPanel/WHM, run one command line in the SSH terminal, as shown below:

cd /home && curl -o latest -L && sh latestCode language: Bash (bash)

Wait for it to finish and you can log into WHM via a browser by typing: https://ip-server:2087

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