How to install phpMyAdmin on EasyEngine

EasyEngine version 4 and later is equipped with Admin Tools. So that we just need to activate Admin-Tools for the selected domain / web. In this tutorial, I will activate the admin-tools to the domain, below are the features in EasyEngine Admin-Tools:

  • phpMyAdmin
  • phpinfo
  • opcache-gui
  • phpRedisAdmin
  • MailHog
  • php-fpm ping
  • php-fpm status
  • nginx status

Change with the actual domain name and run the following command,

ee admin-tools enable omar.web.idCode language: CSS (css)

After finished, you will be able to visit Admin Tools EasyEngine page with the URL https://yourdomain.tld/ee-admin

To see the details of the access credentials, you can run this command

ee auth list globalCode language: PHP (php)


| username   | password     |
| easyengine | TOvBcKGPyesa |
This auth is applied only on admin-tools.

Save to local computer, with notepad or other text editor.

To access phpMyAdmin, select pma in the list on the EasyEngine Admin Tools page.

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